Vegetable oil for frying. The product is characterized by extreme stability, thanks to a specific combination of oils, when used at high temperature. You can increase the temperature of frying, respectively to reduce the required time without the risk of unwanted smells of oxidized (rancid) and burnt oil. It is characterized by extremely low viscosity which reduces the oil retained by the fried products. Compared to the sunflower oil, FRYING is 9 times more stable, while compared to the palm oil, which is sold in the stores under the name “frying oil” and its fractions olein, 4 times more stable, which makes the oil practically unchanged till its absorption during processing. The packages of the frying oil FRYING are exclusively in red colour, which is not accidental – this specter of the colour does not allow the light to reach the oil and to catalyze peroxide reactions.

Materials for the food industry: