Olives, of which olive oil is made, contain all the vitamins and microelements necessary of the human health. They contain sugar, proteins, pectin, vitamin B, vitamin C, carotene, part of which are transferred in olive oil during its production. Olives and olive oil are beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract and for the liver. They stimulate the increase of bone tissue and they are used for prevention of arteriosclerosis and gastrointestinal diseases. Olive oil contains over eighty percent of mono-saturated fatty acids which reduce the harmful cholesterol in the blood. The olive oil also contains vitamin E and poly-phenols which are natural antioxidants. Olive oil prevents the fast aging of the organism and reduces the risk of many diseases. We recommend you to consume olive oil every day. It is an extremely healthy product for salads, cold meals, etc. The specific taste and aroma of the meals prepared with it makes it a valuable product in the kitchen and in the restaurants. The Extra Virgin olive oil which we offer is the highest quality product on the Bulgarian market. The good quality olive oil should be stored in dark bottles.

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